Horse Betting Explained

When it comes to horse racing there are no groups, series, playoffs or similar, but there are more or less important races. A first distinction to do concerns the categories. The best horse betting sites offer trotting and galloping races. In the first the jockey sits on a buggy called "sulky" in technical jargon, while in the second case the horse is normally mounted to run on flat or obstacle courses. At the morphological and genetic level the horses used for the one and the other discipline are different. Find horse betting sites here:

Virtual competitions

For some years now, virtual bets have been increasingly successful. The best betting sites are in fact given the opportunity to users to bet on simulated events of football, tennis, car and motorcycle races and, indeed, of horse racing. Also in this case the categories are divided into trot and gallop. At the market level you can play on the winning horse or placed in the top three. On some portals it is also possible to bet on the match and the trio. If you do not know these types of bets, just read the next section dedicated to the horse racing markets. Depending on the policy of individual online betting operators, the frequency of virtual competitions also varies significantly. In fact, it goes from a few minutes to a few dozen between one departure and another. Clearly information such as a horse's state of form or statistics on previously obtained victories do not exist in the virtual, because they are irrelevant. The simulated races have no links with reality.

In horse racing the markets are concentrated on the order of arrival of the horses. The classic games are those on the winners or on the placed (or on the fact that a horse will finish the race arriving in the first two or three). In addition to these, however, there are other types of bets and the possibility of creating systems. Below we will try to explain the most requested options. It is also important to underline the difference between national and international horse racing. Both refer to totalizator bets, but the former are based only on the collection of the amounts played, while the latter also consider those of other European countries to form the jackpot.

The most classic bet: the one on the winner

The most common play on horse racing is the one that requires you to guess the horse and the jockey that will cut the finish line first at the end of a race. This type of bet is offered either on a fixed or a totaliser basis. Interesting is the V7 competition proposed by Lottomatica that rewards those who can guess the first seven winners classified in as many races.

Placed: the other played at fixed odds

In addition to the play on the winner, the one on the placed horse is the second type of betting on horse racing that is offered both as a totalizer and fixed odds. When at the start there are four to seven horses, one wins if one guesses what comes first or second. From the eight horses up also the third place allows you to close the bet on the positive side.

Placed on three (Trio)

On races with at least six horses that appear at the start you can make a series of system games on the first three classified. However, this only affects totaliser bets. They are divided into Trio in order, in disorder, with a placed, with two places, with a winner or with two winners.